Aesthetics is not confined to looking wonderful, it is also important how you feel on the inside as well. Healthy state of mind and a healthy body reflects a positive and beautiful appearance. At Image Clinic, we strive to help you achieve your inner aesthetic goals—whether it is weight loss, weight gain, reducing stress, detoxification of changing lifestyle habits to allow you to be energized and healthy. Complete Wellness helps you to achieve you Total Aesthetic goals.
Treatment Programs Include….
  1. Weight Management – Losing weight keeps many health problems away, at bay.
  2. Muscle Building - to help in weight loss and building strong bones.
  3. Stress Relief – Daily demands on us cause stress. We have the right treatment for you to help reduce stress and make you feel invigorated ready for the challenges ahead.
  4. Detoxification –Stress and an unhealthy, irregular diet lead to toxin formation in the body. These toxins accumulate in the body to result in formation of free radicals. Free radicals accelerate the aging process. Our De-toxification procedures help to remove toxin build-up
  5. Lifestyle Control – hectic lifestyles and demands result in toxin formation, stress which leads to health problems. We give you tools to deal with stress and help to organize your demand schedule. 

Treatment plans are customized and may incorporate one or a combination of the following….
Nutritional Diet Therapy
This uses a special, customized diet to balance the body and prevent illness. This also help in weight loss.

This therapy that involves applying pressure to points on the  feet and sometimes the hands to stimulate energy by a reflex action to a related muscle or organ and encourage healing.  

An ancient Ayurvedic exercise system that uses stretching movements,   breathing exercises and meditation techniques to relax both body, mind and spirit. Power Yoga, Weight Loss Yoga and Traditional Yoga are offered.


The DynaMED Multiple Therapy System combines thermal therapy with soothing massage vibration, aromatherapy and sound therapy to enhance the enjoyment and results of many aesthetic treatments. This Multi-therapy system helps contour the body while detoxifying and relaxing the body to restore body image and beauty inside out.
Pre- and Post- Surgical Treatments
A pre-op session in the DynaMED system will help prepare your body and mind for positive surgical results. Heat and massage treatments ease your anxiety and relax you mentally and physically. The DynaMED post-op session allows your body to be enveloped in therapeutic warmth, sounds and fragrances with a vibratory massage to stimulate your body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems to allow them to function at peak performance, reducing recovery time and improving results.
Stress Management
The DynaMED system enlists help from all of your senses with one ultimate goal…your relaxation! Warm, soothing massage vibration, aromatherapy, and audio program provide the perfect environment to help you let go of your stress and leave the world behind!
Weight loss/ Detoxification
DynaMED treatments cleanse your body through perspiration. By stimulating your sweat glands and increasing blood circulation to your skin surface, the thermo-regulatory process dissipates body heat and expels waste products. As a result, your metabolic and heart rates increases, helping you lose weight and attain a new, sleek and healthier body.
Cellulite Reduction
Heat sessions cleanse the body deeply carrying away impurities and increasing blood and lymphatic circulation. This cleansing, combined with the vigorous massaging action of the DynaMED’s contoured bed, helps to break the bonds between fat cells and improves the appearance of cellulite.

Rehabilitation and Pain Management

The DynaMED system’s heat and vibration features are highly effective for the treatment of sports injuries and enhancing rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy programs. Heat and massage vibration increase circulation and elasticity of tissue, improving flexibility and functional range-of-motion. Vibration interrupts pain signals and provides temporary relief from aches and pains.


GX-99 Vibratory Specialized  Massage System
This treatment  involves specialized dynamic intense vibratory massage. This results in mobilizing the deep tissue through deep massage to the fibrous connective tissue and fat. This action loosens  trapped and compressed fat, easing blood circulation. This can remove  the “cottage cheese,” dimpled appearance  and enhance your overall appearance.
The GX-99 System offers excellent non-invasive treatment for muscle pain management and effective lymphatic drainage treatments to detoxify your body and increase your immune system. Specialized medical vibration massage is used to stimulate acupressure and reflexology points to further relieve your stress and relieve your pain. 
DynaMED and GX-99 combined programs are offered at Image Clinic. The benefits of these programs include:

  1. Reduces cellulite
  2. Reduces edema
  3. Accelerates recovery from surgery
  4. Relieves aches and pains
  5. Soothes sore muscles and relieves stress
  6. Stimulates perspiration and cleansing
  7. Stimulates Reflexology and Acupressure

Aesthetic surgery to refine, enhance and restore your appearance with an emphasis on natural form.
Also known as Abdominoplasty, a Tummy Tuck removes excess fat and skin, and restores weakened or separated ....
beauty may or may not be skin deep but skin is certainly one of the most beautiful parts of our anatomy.
Aesthetic surgery to refine, enhance and restore your appearance with an emphasis on natural form.

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